Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Universal Mind

[An Excerpt from Consciously Creating Circumstances, by George W. Plummer] 

Thus we see that there is but ONE BASIC CAUSE of all things that are or ever were. We therefore call it the GREAT FIRST CAUSE. Some call it GOD. Some call it SPIRIT. Whatever term we use, we remember that it operates through MIND, and, since it causes all things, UNIVERSAL MIND. Though some people tie this fact up with a religion or theology, the acceptance of a Universal Mind is imperative from the standpoint of simple logic alone.

This great, invisible cause acts through what we term UNIVERSAL MIND—the Intelligence directing all the forces that produced man and through which man, on a much smaller scale, produces the various changes in his environment.”

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Healing Ray

[An Excerpt from “Absent Treatment,” by George Winslow Plummer, published in Rosicrucian Healing]

The healing ray operative under absent treatment when legitimately practiced and applied, is a directive ray. That is, it has a definite objective upon which it is focused. […] The student may enquire just what part the astral world plays in the transmission of the healing ray. The astral world, in its lower subdivisions, is the region of wishes, impressionability and color, among other properties. The wish of the practitioner to convey health; the wish of the patient to receive it, and the impressionability of the patient due to his prepared receptivity, accomplish part of the necessary factors to make the work of the healing ray successful. However, the fact that the lower astral regions are those of color, permits of the surcharge of the healing ray with the colors of glowing health and radiant energy in its luminous form. These factors furnish the healing ray with the necessary properties in addition to its inherent penetrability and vitalizing powers.  

[…] with the operative of genuine healing rays, the patient does not see them but he does feel them. Many patients have written that at the times appointed for reception of treatment they are frankly and positively aware of a suffusion of gentle heat, warm floods or waves of vitalizing power from which they usually pass into a calm, recuperative slumber. Natural forces and energies are never disastrous in their constructive effects in the human organism, working in each according to individual temperament and physical constitution by the simple laws of attraction and polarity. […]

If the operator can secure a photograph of the patient, so much the better. It will assist him in his visualization. If not, let him, in the seclusion of his study, first enter into the silence. Then, when his meditation has brought him into harmonic alignment with the nature-forces and a concept of at-one ment with the Oversoul, develop an image of the patient in his mind based upon the data furnished him by the case-history with which he should be provided before undertaking definite work at all. When he has visualized the patient in this way, he should develop that image mentally, with all the glowing color of radiant health and complete normalcy of function. Next, let him WILL a ray of spiritual power, surcharged with the picture of glowing, radiant health, he has just developed. Let him WILL this ray forth, just as though it were an actual projection from within his own mental depths. Of course, it will not actually emanate from the operator; otherwise he could give to his patient no more than he (himself) possessed. What takes place is this. By his mental concentration, and having brought himself into attunement with the etheric forces about him, he gathers up, by the concentration in which he has previously engaged, the etheric forces about him, focuses them into a distinct formation, surcharged with the picture with the conditions he desires to bring about, and directs the ray thus formed into a highly concentrated, penetrative and most effective agency of reconstruction.

[…] When the operator has conscientiously performed his work as heretofore indicated, he should not attempt to prolong it. Having sent the ray forth, there is no need to continue the concentration or the mental attitude of will. The ray has gone on its mission. Subsequent treatments may be necessary, according to the reports received from the patient or his attendant. But when several treatments may be necessary within a given twenty-four hours, they should not be close together but timed at rhythmic intervals apart, say three and one-half to four hours.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

SRIA books for Sale

The Societas Rosicruciana in America has books for sale at These include works by founding members of our Society as well as a few classic texts from the Western Esoteric Tradition.

All book orders will include a signed Certificate of Authenticity and Rosicrucian Prayer from the Society. (The Imperatrix will personally sign copies of books if specifically requested to do so.)

Books for sale include the following:

Consciously Creating Circumstances by Dr. George Winslow Plummer
Rosicrucian Symbology by Frater KHEI
Esoteric Masonry by Dr. George Winslow Plummer
Rosicrucian Healing by Dr. George Winslow Plummer
The Art of Rosicrucian Healing by Dr. George Winslow Plummer
Principles and Practice For Rosicrucians by Dr. George Winslow Plummer
The Rosicrucian Philosophy According to The Rosicrucian Creed by Dr. Plummer
The Cross and Its Symbolism by David R. Clark, M.A. (1894)
The Mystery of the Human Aura by One of the Brethern
A Way of Life for The Rosicrucian Student by One of the Brethren
The Science of Death by Dr. George Winslow Plummer
The Cloud Upon The Sanctuary by Karl von Eckartshausen
The Divine Pymander of Hermes Trismegistus reprint - 1650 Everard edition
Lettergrams by Mother Serena (Gladys Miller Plummer)
Victorinus Teaches through Mother Serena (Gladys Miller Plummer)

Featured Book:

by Dr. George Winslow Plummer

First published in December of 1935, this important book explains how to use the great power of thought forms to align yourself with nature's harmony. For several decades, Consciously Creating Circumstances has been the primary influence for many later books on the power of thought.  Plummer explains how human thoughts, working though invisible forces, direct our physical lives. Whether we are aware of this or not, our thoughts still direct our lives. We can elect to change our life circumstances by consciously selecting our thoughts, and following them with physical, positive actions.

Chapters discuss: The Source of Power—Dual action­—All is one—The great link—Forming the picture—Impressing your desire—The law of attraction—Bread upon the waters—­Entering the Kingdom—Your basic attitude—Health and wealth —Employment—How to concentrate—Fear and faith—The spirit of your thought.

"We have forgotten the extremely significant FACT that we are ONE with our Creator, ONE in the Universal Mind, ONE with all the creative power in Nature; that we cannot be alone, that we have all the creative and sustaining power in heaven and in earth within us, waiting to be used—when we know HOW."

Available at: