Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Reprinted: The Mystery of the Human Aura

by One of the Brethren
Also called the “sphere of sensation” and the “magical mirror of the universe” the aura is a shell or layer of astral substance which surrounds and permeates the physical body of every individual. This etheric structure is filled with astral energies which reflect all perceptions, thoughts, and feelings. The Mystery of the Human Aura (published in 1950) provides the reader with practical occult information that can lead to first hand spiritual experience in dealing with the aura. Chapters discuss: What is your Aura—Auric emanations and their source—How to mend a broken aura—Invisible healing fire—How to become aware of it—Formula for psychic self-protection—How to heal the self and others through the aura, and other important occult truths, plainly stated. “The human aura not only indicates the vitality of the body, but the vitality of the soul as well….the aura is, in reality, the radiance of the soul.”

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